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Tank – Now Or Never

January 24, 2011 by Bas van Nispen  
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After three years since the album, “Sex, Love, & Pain”, label changing, and lots of leaked tracks (good ones, too), Tank is back with a hot, new album steaming up for those winter nights called “Now or Never”, the fourth installment and first on his label, Atlantic.

Like always, Tank brings out and produce the sexuality and sensuality the listener would enjoy. And he’s not alone, he brings along the current cats Drake, Chris Brown, and his own cat, new artist J. Valentine for the ride.

The opening track, “Showtime”, starts it off by Tank getting the listener ready for what’s about to come.

“Sex Music”, the first single, delivers with a sexy bassline for the party people, Tank proves that he can be current here.

“Celebration”, the next single, with its smooth beat, finger-snapping, telling to celebrate love-making with your loved one. And of course, Drake is featuring in this track, too (since Tank is one his favorites)

“Emergency”, the second single. In this song, Tank saving a woman in distress before it’s too late.

In “Scream”, Tank shares different ways to scream; when you’re fed up or when making love.

“Keep It l00″ – a phrase meaning “keep it real with me”, “tell me the truth”. Tank sings about telling the truth.

In “Foreplay”, this is when Tank shines. Seductive beats, sensual lyrics, this track has it all with Chris Brown assisting.

There’s a burning desire, heat and passion in the next track, “Can I”. Tank delivers what the listener wants to hear without being too cheesy, too corny or too perverted – just sensual and raw. It’ll be reminiscent of what Teddy Pendergrass, Ron Isley, Marvin Gaye or Barry White used to set the mood off right.

“Amazing” is a beautiful track and one of the highlights. With Tank’s lushful vocals soaring through the listener’s ears, this track is suitable for a night out with a loved one.

“You Mean That Much” is stripped-down R&B at finest.

His version of “I Can’t Make Love Me” – another stripped-down R&B track – is beautiful, a well-done version of the track.

Bonus Tracks:

“On My Way” is solid as well and J. Valentine isn’t bad either. He reminds me of Bobby Valentino when he first came out.

The beginning of “Let Me Know” might confused you at first with its bass thumping but when the music stars, it makes sense. Perfect for car crusin’ music.

The remix for “Sex Music” – perfectly titled “Sex Nights” – slows it down as the album concludes.

Outstanding album, indeed. Make sure y’all get this album and support the General of R&B music!!!

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