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BTS: D Rado

January 24, 2011 by Bas van Nispen  
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Coming out of Fresno, CA, a new rapper and producer in the underground rap scene is looking to make his presence felt. Realizing that there are more underground and mainstream artists than ever before, D Rado is searching for ways to prove himself as a legitimate artist in a vast sea of talent.

David ‘D Rado’ Funna was born on September 23rd, 1986 in Atlanta, GA. He moved to Pomona, CA when he was 3 years old, to Rosamond, CA three years later, then to Fresno when he was 13 starting high school. He played basketball and ran track for four years at Clovis West High School where he graduated in 2004. After a year and a of junior college, on to attend Fresno State University’s School of Engineering, where he will be graduating after the spring 2011 semester.

D Rado, has been producing hip-hop and R&B music since he was 16 using various software such as FL Studio and Reason. He began using pro tools in early 2010 to record vocals, and eventually for production as well. With no professional instruction or guidance, D Rado took the time to read all of the tutorials and guides needed to teach himself the basics of producing, mixing, and mastering various genres of music using different programs and plug-ins. After becoming familiar with using various production methods, he started recording vocals over used beats with friends for fun, then began making songs with his own production. Over 40 songs were recorded and edited in under a year before D Rado released his first mixtape Street Science Vol. I on December 28th 2010, and he is currently in the process of materializing his next one.

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D Rado has collaborated with various other local talents, and has produced different genres of music, including alternative, jazz, and euro/trip-hop. The producer and rapper has a year of recording experience under his belt, and aspires to grow a fan base and relate with them through a meaningful purpose, and also to mature as an artist. The producer developed a love for music at a young age, listening to lots of jazz, R&B, and early 90s hip-hop. Some of D Rado’s influences include Tupac, Nas, Dr. Dre, and RZA. His own production style ranges from sampling to live instrumentation, and he enjoys collaborating with other artists and producers to make new music. In the future, D Rado plans to release a few more mixtapes before working on a studio album. Also, he hopes to gain fans with thought provoking lyrics and unique music.

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